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Tagaytay is in Cavite, which is revered as the birthplace of the Republic. Tagaytay City, is situated 688 meters above sea level and has the best views of Taal Lake and Volcano. Upon the mountain ridges are picturesque fruit plantations, flower farms, private gardens, retreat houses and resorts all taking advantage of the city’s cool, near-alpine climate.

Taal Lake and Volcano along with its pristine beaches are Batangas’ best-known attractions. One of the world’s smallest and most active volcanoes, Taal is often called a “lake within a volcano within a lake.” On the other side of the lake is Mount Makulot, which is popular with mountaineers.

Tagaytay's playground is the popular Picnic Grove. It features thatch huts line along the gentle slopes of the Tagaytay Ridge. It is a prime location, providing the finest view of the volcano far below. It is in Barangay Sungay East. Palace in the Sky , the unfinished mansion of former President Ferdinand Marcos, has been converted and renamed the People's Park in the Sky . It is an artful blending of natural and man-made attractions, poised on the highest point of Tagaytay City. It stands on a 4,516 sq, meters solid ground and overlooks four bodies of water – Taal Lake, Balayan Bay, Laguna de Bay and Manila Bay. It is located at Dapdap West and Dapdap East, approximately 6 to 7 km away from Silang Crossing. Tagaytay Highlands is a world-class recreational and residential complex nestled amid the natural splendor and cool, unpolluted atmosphere of the Tagaytay Ridge. With tons of exciting activities, plush facilities, fine dining and drinking, and Asia's most exciting golf course, it serves as a getaway haven from the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila. It is also considered as the country's premier destination for luxury living.

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